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Benefits of an Automatic Liquid Dispenser

The automatic induction soap dispenser devices are easy to install and can be wall-mounted or free-standing. They have a 700-ml capacity and a transparent liquid reservoir that makes refilling a breeze. These devices also come with locking mechanisms for protection. They run on four AA batteries, which last up to six months. 
Aside from being convenient, an automatic dispenser is also hygienic. It can prevent cross-infections and is made of safe engineering plastics aligned with environmental protection priorities. It is also easy to use and can handle all types of liquid. You can even use it in public places such as the kitchen, office, or restaurant.
Another major benefit of an automatic liquid dispenser is that it eliminates the risk of cross-infection by preventing dirty hands from touching the bottle. It uses an infrared sensor that detects when a hand is placed underneath the sensor. The dispenser then automatically starts providing the right amount of liquid for the user. Once the hand is removed from the sensor, the dispenser stops.

Intelligent induction: no contact, quick out of foam;
ABS material: small in size, does not take up space; can be easily integrated into various environments such as bathrooms and kitchens;
Humanized design: large-capacity visualization;
Three models to choose from: foam, spray, gel; liquid design, three different functions for your choice