BT-803AL Adjustable Automatic Induction Soap Dispenser Custom

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Product Features

Adjustable Soap Liquid Volume - liquid levels design. By pressing buttons on the top you can adjust the amount of soap you want to be dispensed. No dripping or trailing.
Touchless Sensitive Motion Sensor - This hands-free soap dispenser is designed with built-in infrared motion sensor detection technology that detects your hand within one pass. Just place your hand under the sensor to dispense soap automatically. 
No-drip Valve - When dispensing, the flexible silicone valve springs open for a quick, steady flow, then snaps shut to turn a seal preventing messy drips.
The Perfect Soap - The perfect consistency for sensor pumps-no clogs or drips. Dispense the correct amount quickly and consistently.
Waterproof And Leak Proof - Designed with IPX4 waterproof level, this soap dispenser has an anti-leakage silicone ring to the water tank, and a waterproof silicone seal to the battery compartment to prevent soap or water from corroding circuit boards. 
Non-slip Bottom - The bottom is designed with anti-slip silicone mats to keep the soap dispenser standing steady even on a wet table. 
Suitable For All Kinds Of Liquid Soap - The machine is compatible with all kinds of liquid such as liquid hand soap, liquid dish dispenser soap. And it is also suitable for shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc.

Capacity 480ml
Size 14.6*10.6*21.2cm
Waterproof level IPX2
Gear Two-speed adjustment
Certification CE;ROHS
Material ABS+PC
Processing technology Injection
Function Automatic induction
Weight 280g(weight)


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Company Profile

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