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Product Features

➤ 450mL Large Capacity: Suitable for household use, and care for you and your family.
➤ 0.25s Fast Foaming: Equipped with high-end infrared motion sensor, time-saving.
➤ Adjustable Foam Quantity: Easily press the button to switch between 1.5mL and 2.5mL.
➤ IPX4 Waterproof: The battery compartment is on the top to avoid water permeating.
➤ Wide Application: Suitable for foam soap or diluted liquid soap.
Keep away from high-temperature objects such as heaters.
Do not use it in places with high temperatures, high humidity, and other places. Do not put any acid, alkali, oil, or other liquids in the bottle.
Do not place it near heaters, fire sources, oil, moisture, or heated environments.
When the machine's LED indicator turns red. Please replace the battery. Do not mix new, old and different types of alkaline batteries.
Please use an alkaline battery

Capacity 300ml
Size 15.0*8.0*19.0cm
Waterproof level IPX2
Gear Two-speed adjustment
Certification CE;ROHS
Material ABS+PC
Processing technology Injection
Function Automatic induction
Weight 343g(weight)


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Company Profile

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