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Benefits of an Induction Soap Dispenser

Unlike traditional soap dispensers, an induction soap dispenser does not require water to work. Instead, you place the liquid soap inside the cylinder, which can hold up to 17 oz. The dispenser has an on/off switch and a clear window so you can check the level. 
The infrared sensing technology of an induction soap dispenser helps avoid cross-contamination between people using the same soap dispenser. It also features independent parts, which prevent soap from affecting the mechanism or getting inside the sensor assembly. Other features include stainless steel construction, which is suitable for various cleaning products. The dispenser also includes a battery compartment that saves electricity.
Another benefit of an induction soap dispenser is its ability to detect your hand from as close as 2.75 inches away. This eliminates any possible cross-contamination by soap residues. Induction soap dispensers also feature a silicone-sealed battery compartment, which keeps the dispenser in good condition for longer periods. Furthermore, the dispenser features an automatic touch-free sanitizer dispenser, which can automatically provide a gel-based sanitizer within 0.25 seconds.
Another benefit of induction soap dispensers is the built-in sensor, which detects your hand's position and releases a small amount of liquid. This prevents germs from spreading around the room. Moreover, the dispenser has a transparent window to monitor the liquid level in real-time. By displaying the amount of liquid in the dispenser, you can always know if it is full or not.

BT-810 Quick Response Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

Smart Quick Response:
The automatic touch-free sanitizer dispenser adopts the latest design of a free-standing button which built-in precise infrared motion and PIR sensor detection technology. Fully touchless, you can get appropriate and no trailing gel within 0.25s.
Upgraded Leak-proof Device:
The second-generation waterproof device can better avoid water splashing and ensure the safety of the battery. High-quality materials make the machine have a better absorption effect
Widely Used Especially for Kids: 
Ideal touchless no foaming soap dispenser for toilet, bathroom, kitchen, office, school, hospital, restroom, or counter. The design creates more fun and makes kids be fond of washing hands.