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How an Induction Soap Dispenser Works

A high-quality induction soap dispenser has three different modes. When not in use, it automatically enters a standby mode. The sensor head is not meant to be exposed to strong direct sunlight. It has a sensor area that is approximately two to ten centimeters below the outlet of the liquid. To get the liquid out, the user has to place his or her hand underneath the sensor. For the first time, the dispenser will flash green to let the user know that the unit is working properly.
The ultimate countertop induction soap dispenser has a built-in sensor, which automatically recognizes the hand that is underneath the outlet. This eliminates the risk of germs and bacteria spreading to other hands. Simply hold your hand under the outlet to release a single ml of liquid. Then, you can repeat the process to dispense another amount of soap. Lastly, the soap dispenser has a transparent window that allows the user to see the amount of liquid in real-time.

Hands Free Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Smart Liquid Sensor Soap Touchless Dispenser Pump BT-803

Waterproof level IPX2
Gear Five-speed adjustment
Certification CE;ROHS
Material ABS+AS
Processing technology Injection 
Function Automatic induction