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How to properly maintain and clean the liquid paths and channels of automatic liquid dispensers

The liquid path and channels of an automatic liquid dispenser are critical components to ensure proper instrument operation and maintain accuracy. Proper maintenance and cleaning of these components ensures the reliability of your liquid dispenser by preventing the accumulation of dirt, residue and contaminants.
Regularly check fluid paths and channels:
Before starting the maintenance process, you first need to carefully inspect the liquid path and channels of the liquid distributor. This may include liquid inlet and outlet ports, pipe connections, valves and any other components associated with the flow of liquids. The inspection process should be carried out by experienced operators to ensure that no possible problems are missed.
Remove residue and dirt:
Regularly remove residue and dirt from fluid paths and channels using an appropriate solvent or cleaner. This can be done by using a brush, pipe cleaning tool, or air blowing device specifically designed for this purpose. Make sure you choose a cleaning agent that will not cause damage to the instrument's materials and operate according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
To avoid cross contamination:
During the cleaning process, special attention is paid to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Use clean tools and equipment and avoid using tools that may have been contaminated with other chemicals. When cleaning between different liquids, be sure to perform proper flushing to prevent cross-contamination between different liquids.
Use appropriate cleaning tools:
Choosing the right cleaning tools is key. For narrow passages and pipes, use a slender brush or a professional pipe cleaning tool. For some more difficult-to-reach areas, consider using a gas purge or other air flushing device.
Verify cleaning effect:
After cleaning, verify fluid paths and channels. This may include some simple flow tests or liquid drain tests through the system to ensure that the cleaned channels do not have any blockages or blockages.
Replace consumables regularly:
Some automatic liquid dispensers contain replaceable consumables such as tubing, spouts, or seals in the liquid paths and channels. Replace these supplies regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations to prevent problems caused by wear or age.