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The basic principles of infrared sensing technology for automatic sensing hand sanitizers

The infrared sensing technology of the automatic hand sanitizer is based on the detection principle of infrared radiation. By sensing the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of human skin, it can achieve efficient detection and accurate response of the user's hand movements.
Generation of infrared radiation: Human tissue produces infrared radiation due to the temperature of the object. Human skin is usually slightly warmer than the surrounding environment and therefore emits infrared radiation that can be detected by infrared sensors.
Sensor installation location: In automatic sensor hand sanitizers, infrared sensors are usually installed in the sensing area of the device, that is, where the user reaches out, such as around the hand sanitizer dispensing opening. The purpose of this arrangement is to ensure that the sensor can accurately sense the movement of the user's hand.
Working principle of infrared sensor: Infrared sensor is an optoelectronic device that can sense infrared radiation. When the user extends his hand towards the sensing area, the infrared sensor receives the infrared radiation emitted by the human body.
Signal transmission and processing: The infrared sensor converts the perceived infrared radiation into an electrical signal and transmits this signal to the processor inside the device. The processor is the key component responsible for interpreting and analyzing sensor signals.
Algorithm analysis: The processor uses a preset algorithm to analyze the received signal. These algorithms are usually designed based on the characteristics of the user's hand movements to ensure fast response to normal hand movements and eliminate the possibility of false triggering.
User action confirmation: Through algorithm analysis, the processor confirms whether the user's hand movements meet the set conditions, that is, whether it means that the user intends to wash hands. Upon confirmation, the processor will trigger the hand sanitizer dispensing system.
Hand sanitizer distribution: Once the effectiveness of the user's hand movements is confirmed, the processor starts the hand sanitizer distribution system through the corresponding mechanical or electronic device to achieve automatic release of hand sanitizer.