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What are the characteristics of hand sanitizer dispenser

A hand sanitizer dispenser can make it convenient for people to disinfect their hands without having to use a sink or run water. They work by using a solution that quickly disintegrates into the water and kills bacteria on the hands. These hand sanitizer dispensers also eliminate the need for paper towels. Wall-mounted sanitizer stations are more stable and take up less space than freestanding units. Moreover, they are more durable and are better for long-term use.
The right type of hand sanitizer is also important. A 60% alcohol hand sanitizer is recommended when used outdoors. The best dispensers are easy to access, durable, and come with a locking enclosure. They are also good for the environment, as they reduce the risk of germs spreading.
There are two types of hand sanitizer dispensers. There are gel and foam versions. All are highly effective at killing viruses and bacteria, but the ethanol content differs from one to another. However, all of them must contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective. In addition to being effective against harmful bacteria, hand sanitizers also contain fragrance and colorants.
Hand sanitizer dispensers can be either manual or automatic. The latter type is more affordable than the former. Automatic dispensers use a sensor that detects movement and releases the sanitizer. Typically, the sanitizer is dispensed every 30 minutes.

Convenient & Economical: Large capacity will satisfy family use and avoid the hassle of frequently refilling. Additionally, use it with diluted liquid sanitizer at a ratio of 1:3, helping you save over 50% of the sanitizer.
0.25s Fast Foaming: Boasting the infrared fast sensor, the Foaming Soap Dispenser is able to offer direct foam in 0.25s, which effectively saves your time. Besides, the operating noise lower than 60dB won’t affect your daily life.
IPX4 Waterproof & Easy-to-use: The battery compartment is on the top of the dispenser with a snap-fit design without screws, which is convenient for installation, and beneficial to avoid corrosion and device trouble caused by water permeating.