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What are the components of the automatic liquid dispenser

An automatic liquid dispenser system includes a molded base and cover, a pump, a motor, and an on/off switch. This device can be free-standing or wall-mounted. The preferred embodiment of the dispenser system utilizes an infrared (IR) transceiver to activate. The object is then reflected by the sensor, triggering a state-changing IC switch and turning on the motor 30.
Another feature of the device is an axially movable plunger. The actuating member includes a housing with a bore and an annular space coaxial with the bore. The plunger is engaged by a spring-loaded plunger actuating member, which is mounted telescopically within the bore and is capable of axial movement. An elongated counter mounted on the housing is operable upon movement of the actuating member.
Automatic liquid dispensers are often equipped with a meter to keep track of the number of times the dispenser has been used. The meter will enable users to calculate the amount of liquid dispensed from a bottle. The meter and the dispenser are described in British Patent Specification 1,169,641. The plunger actuating member is pressed by a glass with a striker to start the dispensing process.
An automated liquid dispenser is easy to use and can be installed on a wall. Its 700mL refillable reservoir is transparent, which makes refilling easy. You can lock the dispenser if you want to keep it out of the hands of others. It's also easy to install, with mounting holes located on the back. It requires 6 AA batteries to operate. The LED indicator light is a convenient way to monitor the level of liquid dispensing.

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