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What is the automation process of automatic liquid dispenser

Automatic liquid dispensers enable high-precision and efficient liquid management and distribution through automated processes.
Start the system
Power Startup: The user first activates the automatic liquid dispenser's embedded computer system and associated electronic components by turning on the system's power supply.
System initialization: During the startup phase, the system performs self-test and initialization to ensure that all key components are working properly, including liquid pumps, valves, sensors and control systems.
User setting parameters
User Interface Operation: The user interacts with the automatic liquid dispenser through an LCD display or computer interface. Users can set target volume, flow rate, liquid type and other parameters.
Program selection: According to the needs of experiment or production, users can choose preset programs or customized programs to adapt to different liquid dispensing tasks.
liquid aspiration phase
Suction head movement: At the beginning of the liquid suction phase, the suction head moves above the target liquid container.
Aspirate liquid: The liquid pump starts, the precision suction head is lowered into the target liquid, and the preset volume of liquid is aspirated.
Liquid Detection: Some systems are equipped with liquid detection sensors to ensure that the correct amount of liquid is drawn to avoid operational errors.
Quantitative allocation stage
The suction head moves to the target position: After the suction is completed, the suction head moves to the target container.
Valve control: The precision valve is controlled according to the flow rate and distribution time set by the user, ensuring that the liquid is distributed into the target container at a precise flow rate.
Volume and flow rate monitoring: A volume sensor or flow rate sensor monitors the volume and flow rate of a liquid in real time, and the system adjusts through a feedback mechanism to maintain precise dispensing.
emission stage
Liquid release: After the distribution is completed, the system stops the work of the liquid pump to ensure that the valve is closed and the liquid is accurately released into the target container.
Cleaning procedure: To avoid cross-contamination, the system may perform an automatic cleaning procedure to clean the liquid channel and suction head in preparation for the next liquid dispensing.
end process
System Feedback: Automatic liquid dispensers provide real-time feedback to the user, showing dispensed volume, progress and system status.
Record data: The system usually has a data recording function to save key data during experiments or production processes for subsequent analysis and verification.
Stop the system
System Stop: After completing the liquid dispensing task, the user can choose to stop the system and turn off the power.
Maintenance Procedures: If necessary, the user may be prompted to perform maintenance procedures to ensure long-term stability and accuracy of the device.